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Child Care

Child care is very important because it gives the children the proper foundation to grow and develop in a safe place while having the chance to be with other children. Besides aiding the children to grow, child care also help parents to go to work without worrying for their children knowing they are in good hands. Modern Cloth Nappies are a great option for you child while they are in childcare.

Child Care Access Hotline

If you are looking for the right child care service for your child or children, then you can use the Child care access hotline. This access hotline is provided by the Australian Government to help parents look for child care services easily.

Child Care Benefit

Child Care Benefit is a way of helping families by aiding the cost needed for caring for your child. If you are a parent, foster parent or a grandparent, you will be able to avail of this benefit.  You must also be approved by or registered in the Government. If your child meets the requirements for immunization, you meet the residency requirements, your child attends care, and you meet the income test, then you can get child care benefits. You can go to the Family Assistance office and complete a claim form to get your child care benefits.